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PCS Management Consultants is an emergent Gauteng based management consulting firm that is passionate about improving service delivery.

PCS accomplishes this by partnering with clients, in an endeavour to promote excellence in strategy, governance, people and processes.


  • We recognise that no partnership can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice; therefore we will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects;
  • We will induce others to serve us, because of our willingness to serve others;
  • We will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynism by developing love for all humanity, because a negative attitude towards others can never bring success; and
  • We will cause others to believe in us, because we believe in them, and in ourselves.


The driving force behind PCS is performance improvement in service delivery.

Our primary objective is to support initiatives and interventions that support this goal and which seek to establish truly empowering and sustainable business transformation.

PCS is a transformation catalyst that draws on aggregated expertise of high-powered specialists working in various capacities.

Our intimate experience that cuts across the private and governmental sectors, as well as our in-depth skills and technical competencies, coupled with our commitment to provide superior, customer-focused solutions, serves to give us a competitive edge.


PCS is committed to fair treatment of its entire staff and to the requirements of the employment equity legislation.

We ensure and promote equal opportunity for all our staff and for all people seeking employment with the company irrespective of their race, creed, colour, nationality, origin, sex, age or disability.

BEE Participation

The following table indicates the level of organisational empowerment in the company:


% PDI Participation

Equity / shareholding




Technical staff


Support staff


We will maintain a significant level of participation by previously disadvantaged individuals as we constantly seek to create opportunities for young South African black professionals.

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